Vendetta Nation can trace back its roots in the competitive scene to the start of Fifa 12 when they were known as BlackCarbon CF. The competitive scene for consoles was still in the early stages at this time compared to on PCs. We competed in Fifa clubs to begin with and from the start our team looked strong. We had the 2nd best GK in the world, 2 top 10 anys in the world and a group of strong players that gelled well and worked well as a team. With this team we went on to become a top 10 club in Fifa 12 which back then was a tough accomplishment with the point system that was implemented. We then moved to Fifa 13 and again our team placed well in the club scene getting the club into the top 10 in the world leaderboard as well as some of our players hitting the top 100 in the pro leaderboards. The end of 2012/start of 2013 was also a big time for us as we began a competitive Call Of Duty team which began competing in MLG Game Battles and EGL. We then joined the worldwide organisation known as Fariko Gaming and began competing under them as Fariko Blackout. Both our Fifa and COD teams played really well under them but never quite achieved anything spectacular. After 2 years with them we slowly moved away from them and went under the name Blackout Esports however some of the players felt a new name was needed and we decided to go under Desolate ESPORTS. Under that name we expanded and gained some more teams and staff to help run the org however after about 3 weeks of being under that name we ended up losing the org twitter and with some uncertainty over the use of our jerseys and controller design we decided a revamp was needed and we decided on a new name, team colour, logo as well as a new jersey design and controller design. The future looks bright for VN. #FightTheVendetta